Aukey Key Series B60 Review – Wireless Sports Earbuds – You Need to Know About This Beast

Aukey Key Series B60 Review – Wireless Sports Earbuds – You Need to Know About This Beast

Are you looking for some decent wireless earphones under a budget of $50-$80? Well if you are reading this article, am pretty sure that you are confused between tonnes of options available right now!

And trust me, which is completely fine! But don’t worry because your journey ends here. The Aukey Key Series B60 Wireless earphones are the best deal for you! Why?

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Let’s find out in this complete review of Aukey Key Series B60 Wireless earbuds. To keep this review fair, remember that these are Wireless earphones and costs just $60.

  • Good battery life (up to 8h)
  • Convenient magnetic design with power on/off feature
  • Well-built for sports (IPX6)
  • Comfortable for hours
  • Affordable price
  • Can’t use third-party tips
  • Limited ear tips/wings options (only 2)

 Aukey Key Series B60 Review – Specifications

 Aukey Key Series B60 review

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Type:In-ear headphones
Connection:Wireless Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency range:20Hz u2013 20,000Hz
Driver size:6mm single dynamic driver
Cable length:2.1ft (65cm)
Weight:0.56oz (16g)
Microphone & Controls:Yes (in-line)
Water-protection:Waterproof, IPX6
Charging time:Under 2h (1.5h)
Battery life:up to 8h
Active noise-cancelling:No
Charging cable:USB-Cv
Bluetooth codecs:SBC, AAC
Wireless range:33ft (10m)

The all-new AukeyB60 wireless earbuds are in-ear type ones completely made up of plastic.

Under the hood, there is a single 6mm driver on both the side which are magnetic too. We will talk about that later.

These 6mm single drivers are just usual once which can produce sound frequency from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. This is completely fine considering this to be the limit of what humans can hear.

There is a 2.1ft cable with rubber coating on top which connects both the earphones as well as houses the other control options which include a microphone, dedicated key to increase or decrease volume, a multi-function key(play/pause music) and a LED light too.

Aukey has not compromised on Connectivity too, with the latest Bluetooth 5.0; you can roam around up to 10m without worrying about it being disconnected.

And all of this is powered by a single Lithium Polymer battery. However, there is no official confirmation on battery capacity by Aukey.

But they do claim it to last up to 8 Hours on a Full Charge and 80 Minutes of Playback time on 10 Minutes of Charge.

 Aukey Key Series B60 earbud charging by type c usb

So for sure, there is some fast charging tech going on inside these earphones. And you can easily charge it anytime using any Type-C USB cable which is cherry on top.

Audio Quality

 Aukey Key Series B60 earbud review

These earphones come with SBS Audio Codec which can be found on almost every smartphone. But does that work?

For the price of almost $60, this definitely sounds good but there is nothing extraordinary and in fact, we would suggest you to keep your expectations low if the bass is your highest priority.

But if the bass is not the topmost priority, blindly go with these ones.

Because for the price they are being offered at, it really offers balanced audio either if you talk about treble, highs, mids or lows.

One thing to note is that, Wireless earphones usually offer less price to performance ratio compared to wired ones. So if you are strict on the budget and want something really good on audio, we would suggest you to go with wired ones.

If not, these are the only good ones you can get under this price range.

Battery Life

best earbuds -  Aukey Key Series B60

As we said earlier, that there is no official statement on Battery capacity but there are certain big claims from the company itself about these earphones.

And yes, the earphones do live up to the expectations. These are truly long lasting earphones and can easily last for 8 Hours (Volume set at 80%) and even 10 Hours if you listen to audio on lower volume like 40% or 50%.

There is a special Aukey’s patented technology too which stops music from playing whenever you take them out from your ears which does save battery a lot.

It takes almost 2 hours to charge completely so that’s something you should note about it,


Overall, these earphones are really practical. I mean for sure they are Bluetooth earphones so they have to be practical but there is something more to it.

Being a Bluetooth earphone does make them portable but what’s more exciting is that the Ends of Earphones are magnetic. So whenever you carry them around, simply they will stick to each other so you don’t have to worry about them being falling off.

Apart from these, the headphone comes with dedicated IPX6 Rating too.

Just in case if you don’t know, IPX6 rating stands for protection against powerful water jets. So you can carry them around in rain and forget about any damage from it or even sweat.

As we are talking about practicality, Aukey was kind enough to provide a Silicon carrying case too if you want to slide them in your backpack without worrying about them getting tangled.

Comfortability – Best Wireless Sports Earbuds

 Aukey Key Series B60 comfort level

Before we further continue, if you have small ears, don’t go with these and start looking for some other earphones. But if you have medium-sized or large ears, these will fit perfectly to you without any issues.

You can easily use them for hours of usage without any discomfort. However, the fit varies person-to-person so you can give them a try.

There are 2 Pairs of Silicon ear tips provided in the box so that you can try both of them to check which one fits perfectly to you.

As they are made up of silicon, you can ensure that it won’t have any harmful effect on any kind of skin and will not result in sweating too.

These are surely comfortable undoubtedly, but due to that design, you don’t get to see any noise reduction and you cannot even ask of noise reduction at this price point.

What does that mean?

You will hear all the noises from outside even when you are wearing this, which is kind of good in itself as if you are walking by the road or in a crowdy area, you will be able to keep up with your awareness.

Customer Support

These Aukey Key Series B60 Wireless earphones comes with 2-Years of Warranty from the date of purchase so that you can be assured that even if they die before that, it won’t be a problem for you.

They will replace it for you; all you have to do is send to their nearest centre or office.

But that’s completely fine, as these already have IPX6 rating, so the only thing that can break them is your rough usage. And if you take good care of them, am pretty sure that you won’t ever need to contact them. Still, if you have to, in a very rare case, they are there for you.

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Aukey Key Series B60 Video Review


So what do we think about these earphones is that these are the best earphones out there in the $50 price segment. Surely they lack bass, but there are some other certain features that make them stand out.

At the same time, just because they lack bass doesn’t mean that they don’t sound good! To be frank, they sound really good and can be for the win if you watch movies a lot or streams shows on Netflix and Amazon.

As these come with good vocals to; listening to audio books and podcasts will not be a problem too.

For sure if you increase your budget, you can get better earphones or can opt for wired earphones. As of now; these are literally the best Wireless earphones out there in the market which you can get without compromising on Build Quality.

However if you are looking for superb bass, this might not be the best choice for you. Nevertheless, the bass quality is pretty good for someone who is looking to hear music and not bass.

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