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The Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers of 2018 – Get the Best Audio Quality from Your Bluetooth Speakers

As the market is full of different portable Bluetooth speakers. Sometimes it becomes really hard for us to choose the best portable Bluetooth Speakers for us.

As you are already aware of this fact, that there are lots of options are available from different price tags. Hence choosing one of them becomes a really tough job.

However just to help you out, we have handpicked some of the best Bluetooth speaker from different price segments and created a list for you. So go ahead and check the Bluetooth speakers out:

JBL Charge 3:

JBL Charge 3 review - portable bluetooth speakers

At first we have the JBL charge 3. JBL is one of the top brands when it comes to audio accessories. The JBL Charge 3 comes with a big speaker and it measures around 213 x 87 x 88.5mm. This is not really small, but it would not make any issues while fitting in your backup.


Talking about the features of the Bluetooth speakers, well it actually comes with some great features. The Bluetooth speakers has the IPX& rating which makes it waterproof. You can even put the speaker into water for a meter and leave it for 30 minutes without worrying about water damages.

Talking about the design of the speaker, well on the top of the speaker you will find 4 buttons which will allow you to power on and off the device, Bluetooth paring, volume button and the unique JBL Connect button.

The Unique JBL connect button allows a user to connect multiple JBL speakers to create an augment sound.

Furthermore, the Bluetooth speaker also comes with the passive radiators which offers a visual element to your music. This means when you play music the radiators will vibrate every time there is a heavy bass.

Talking about the sound quality of the Bluetooth speakers, well since the JBL charge comes with a big speaker. Hence it offers big sound. The speakers can easily fill the large room with it sound output. Also it has the most powerful bass that you would find in portable speakers. Also the sound quality of the headphone is amazing and accurate.

In addition to that the Bluetooth speaker even has an inbuilt microphone which can be used to attend conference calls. Also the microphone recordings are pretty much clear. Also it offers a 20hours of battery life.


Great Sound Quality.


Inbuilt Microphone.



Exposed woofers.

Check Current Price: Amazon.com

Monster SOLARA:

Monster SOLARA - best bluetooth speaker - price & review

The Monster SOLARA is one of the most interesting yet a best portable speakers. The highlight of the speaker is that it comes with the solar panel which helps it getting charged.


However, this speaker is not for everyone. The speaker is great when it comes to outdoor listening. The Bluetooth speaker measures roughly around 11.3” x 14.2” x 11.3”-inches and it is not really portable.

However as long as the designs are concerned, the Bluetooth speaker has a great design. The speaker is capable of releasing the audio output in 360 degrees. Also on the top of the speaker there is the solar panel.Bottom of the solar panel there is the speaker grills and below that there are the speaker buttons. The on speaker buttons can be used to switch on and off the device, a source input button, Bluetooth pairing button, EZ-play button, a play and pause button, and the volume control buttons.

However, the things that we have not liked about the speaker is that it weighs around 9 pounds and lacks of track changing button.

Talking about the build quality of the headphone. Well it is made of plastic, however the plastic has a richness in it which makes the speaker durable. Also it offers a great sound quality. The audio output is enough to fill a large room with its sound. In addition to that the speaker comes with a smartphone app which can help you to change the colors of the speaker.

But there is no inbuilt microphone included with the speaker. Overall the Bluetooth speaker is a great one. It can be used for indoor and outdoor music listening needs. As well as it can be charged via solar energy and electricity. Also it offers a battery life of 7 to 10 hours which is pretty good.



Solar energy powered.

Can be used for indoor and outdoor purpose.


No inbuilt microphone.

No inbuilt track changing button.

Check Current Price: Amazon.com

Marshall Stanmore Multi-room:

Marshall-Stanmore-Multi-room review - amazon price

Image Credit: Harveynorman

At the next we have the Marshall Stanmore multi room is a best Bluetooth speaker. Talking about portability, well it is not really portable as the other options. As it weighs around 4.7KG and measures around 350x185x185mm. The Bluetooth speaker is pretty much like a small guitar AMP which is made of wood and covered in black vinyl. As far as the size of the speaker is concerned, well as a Bluetooth speaker it is pretty big.  But when compare to a guitar AMP it is quite small, after all it is a marshal product. Although the design of the speaker looks pretty old.


When it comes to sound, well there is almost no comparison. As marshall is quite popular because of its sound quality so yeah there is no comparison. The sound output is great enough to fill an empty room with its sound quality.

Talking about the features of the Bluetooth speaker, well it has the Wi-Fi integration along with the support of Bluetooth 4.1. In addition to that, it is compatible with online music streaming services such as Spotify, amazon music, apple airplay and so on. Even it has internet radio as well and all these stuffs can be configured via the Marshall multi room app.

As long as the performance is concerned, well in one sentence all you can say is Marshall Stanmore Multi-room is all about sound quality. It offers accurate sound quality and depth in details. However, you would notice a slight difference between playing a track over Wi-Fi connection and a Bluetooth connection.

However, the only thing that we did not like about the speaker is the bulky design and it is nor portable. But as long as your concern is listening music staying indoor, we do not think you will find any other better option than this.


Great sound quality.

Inbuilt Wi-Fi.

Support for AirPlay, ChromeCast and Spotify.


Bulky design.

Not portable.

Check Current Price: Amazon.com

Sony SRS-XB40:

sony srs-xb40 portable wireless bluetooth speaker

Up next on our list we have the Sony SRS-XB40 Bluetooth speaker. The Sony SRS-XB40 Bluetooth speaker is one of the best portable Bluetooth speaker that you would find on our list.  The Bluetooth speaker comes with a compact design. Also it has a bar shaped or box type design with buttons on the top panel. In addition to that the speakers are targeted at one direction only, this means you will not find a 360-degree sound experience.


However, one of the interesting feature that we have liked is that the front panels gets lit up when you play a music. The speaker gets integrated with the music and changes the color according to the bass.

The speaker measures around 279 x 100 x 105mm and this can be pretty big to some, but it is portable. The on speaker’s buttons can be helpful to play and pause songs, answer and reject calls, Bluetooth pairing, volume up and down. Also it has a small toggle which allows you to get extra bass. In addition to that the speaker also offers Bluetooth pairing, via NFC.

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At the back panel of the device, there is a bass port and has a flap where you will find charging port, reset button, analog jack and so on.

Furthermore, the speaker has the IPX5 rating which means the speaker is splash proof and not waterproof.

As long as the sound quality is concerned, well the Sony SRS-XB40 offers a decent sound output. Since the main goal of the speaker is too offer great bass, hence it lacks in sound quality. But this does not mean that it is completely bad, instead it is average and gets the job done. In one sentence you can say that the Sony SRS-XB40 Bluetooth speaker is all about the bass and if you happen to like bass, then you should definitely go for it.


Loud speakers.

Great bass.

NFC support.


Only Splash proof.

No 360-degree sound coverage.

Check Current Price: Amazon.com

UE Wonderboom:

ue wonderboom portable bluetooth speaker review & price specifications

Image Credit: NDTV Gadgets

The UE Wonderboom is one of the portable Bluetooth speakers that we have on our list. This Bluetooth speaker is a tiny device which is completely waterproof.  Also it is one of the cheapest product that you would find in the market.


Talking about the designing at first, well the speaker sports a cylinder shaped design which helps it in offering a 350-degree sound coverage. At the top panel there are the rubberized buttons and the logo of UE. Even the UE logo is actually the playback button of the device. Also the device comes with 6 colors to suit your tastes and it has a micro USB port which can be used as a charging port.

As far as the performance of the speaker is concerned, the Bluetooth speaker offers a great sound quality. The sound of the speakers is warm and accurate. It offers the music details in a great way. However, when it comes to bass, you can say that it is good and not the best in the business. The sound is enough good for casual music listening.

But when it comes to comparing the speaker with the JBL Charge 3. There are quite a lot of difference. But if your main concern is the price and you are looking for a best budget alternative to the JBL Charge 3. Then this is the one you should get.

Coming to battery backup, well the UE Wonderboom is capable of offering a battery life of 10 hours which is pretty decent.


Great sound quality.

360-degree sound coverage.


Multipoint paring.



No speakerphone.

Check Current Price: Amazon.com

JBL Clip 2:

JBL Clip 2 amazon review - portable bluetooth speakers

At the next we have another JBL product which is the JBL clip 2. This one is a best alternative to the UE Wonderboom . The JBL Clip 2 is one of the cheapest yet a best Bluetooth speaker and extremelyportable.


Talking about the design, the speaker is bowl shaped design, where the top of the device has the speaker grills and the bottom is flash. On the side of the device you will find a flap cover which is hiding the charging port. Apart from the charging port it has Bluetooth pairing button and power on and off button. You will also get volume up and down button and a call answering button. Also you can use the call answering button to change a track and play and pause a track while listening to music.

Furthermore, the speaker has the IPX7 rating which makes it waterproof and can stay in the water for about 30 minutes.

As far as the sound quality is concerned, well this little device is capable of making you go amaze. It offers richness and details in the track. The sound quality is accurate and offers a great bass. However, you would not find any lights that would jump according to the bass.

But as far as the price are concerned. It is pretty great, of course you will not find 360-degree sound coverage. But it is waterproof and offers a great battery life. Also just like the UE Wonderboom portable Bluetooth speaker it is available in different color options.


Great sound clarity.

Good bass.

Extremely portable.



No dedicated button for music play and pause.

Check Current Price: Amazon.com

UE Megaboom:

UE Megaboom speaker review amazon

Image Credit: CNET

The UE Megaboom is one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers in the starter price segment. It comes with a sleek design, great features and awesome performance that would blow up your mind.


Coming to the design of the Bluetooth speaker, well as the name suggests Megaboom so it is obvious that would not be small. In fact, it is 9 inches tall and sports a cylinder shaped design. On the top of the device there is the Bluetooth paring and device on off button. Also at the front panel there is a large + and – button which controls the volume. Also the speaker has the IPX & rating which means the best portable speakers is waterproof.

As far as the sound quality is concerned. Well there are hardly any speaker that can match as good as sound as this. It offers a very detailed sound quality and accuracy. The sound quality is expensive and does the job for all type of music genres. No matter if you are listening to pop or jazz you are going to feel that accuracy with a great bass. In short you cannot complain about the sound at all.

Also the music output is so also pretty amazing and it fills the whole room. Also it comes with a great battery life which is said to be 20 hours’ playback. However, the only thing that this Bluetooth speaker lacks of is support of music streaming platforms, or internet radio.

But overall, it is a nice machine that offers 460-degree sound coverage and durable build quality.


Excellent sound quality.

Impressive battery backup.

360-degree sound coverage.


Does not support internet radio.

Little bit pricey.

Check Current Price: Amazon.com

Bose Sound link Revole+:

bose soundlink revolve+ bluetooth speaker

Whenever it comes to audio accessories, Bose is a common name that has a worldwide recognition. Although the speaker is not really cheap but it is one of the portable Bluetooth speakers that you would find in the market.


Talking about the Bluetooth speaker offers an impressive sound quality and comes with an amazing battery life. The speaker sports an aluminumchassis and comes with rubberized bases and buttons. Also the speaker is lightweight. On the top panel of the device, you will find all the buttons that includes, power, pairing, volume aux and so on. The buttons are easy to press and works smoothly. Even the speaker can be paired with the voice assistant on your device. In addition to that the speaker sports an inbuilt microphone which comes handy when it comes to attending a call.

As far as the performance is concerned, the Bose Sound link Revole+ offers a warm audio quality. The sound is extremely expensive and has a richness in it. It offers small details and can be pretty louder to fill up a whole room with its sound. Also the Bluetooth speaker offers 360-degree sound coverage which delivers music in an accurate way to every side.  Also it offers a battery life of 16 hours which is pretty great.

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However, the only thing that the Bose Soundlink Revole+ lacks of is that it does not have an inbuilt voice assistant. At this price segment, there are quite a lot of other options exists which comes with a voice assistant. But the thing is that you will not get brand like Bose backing you up.


Balanced sound.

Multi device pairing.

Great battery life.


Only splash proof.

No voice assistant support.

Check Current Price: Amazon.com

JBL Pulse 2:

JBL Pulse 2 - portable bluetooth speakers

JBL is also one of the well-known brands hence we are picking another speaker which is the JBL Pulse 2. The reason why we have mentioning this speaker is that it has quite a lot of amazing features and has a reasonable price tag.


Talking about the Bluetooth speaker well it comes with a compact design and comes with a pretty great sound. Also it comes with 12 different light show options. That includes fire, rain, fireworks and so on. Even it comes with a smartphone app which allows you to change the colors. Also here is another interesting feature which is the prism sensor. Just hold a colored piece of paper around the speaker and power on the device and you will see that the speaker’s LED changed to that color.

Apart from this feature the speaker weighs only 775 grams which is pretty lightweight. However, the speaker is not waterproof instead it is a splash proof.

However as far as the performance is concerned, well the speaker offers a great sound quality. It has nice bass and overall offers a good music listening experience. But it is not so loud, even you cannot expect a loud sound quality from a tiny speaker. However, it allows you to connect another JBL Pulse 2 speaker with it, which will boost up the sound quality. But you should know that it will reduce the bass quality of the speaker. Also the speaker offers 360-degree sound coverage which is also one of nicest things about the Bluetooth speaker and comes with 10 hours of battery life.


Great audio quality.

Good battery life.

Multi paring.


Sound is not loud.

Only splash proof.

Check Current Price: Amazon.com

UE Roll 2 Bluetooth speaker:

UE Roll 2 Bluetooth speaker review

In the end we have the UE Roll 2 Bluetooth speaker. This is also one of the portable Bluetooth speakers that you find at a reasonable price.


The speaker comes with a good audio clarity and impressive battery. Also it is completely waterproof. The speaker weighs only 332 grams and it is pretty small. The speaker looks like a bowl, on the top of the device there is the speaker grills and bottom of the device is flat. Also there is a hook which allows you to mount the speaker on a bag.

As far as the sound quality is concerned, well the speakers do offers a great sound quality also according to the company’s claim it is 15 times louder when compared to other products in the market. The sound quality is rich and accurate and offers a decent loud audio output. However, you would not be able to fill a whole room with its sound quality. But it will not disappoint you either. Also considering the size of the speaker, well you cannot even expect to be loud like the other options.

However, the speaker does offer a 9 hours of battery life. But it lacks of 360-degree sound coverage. In the end you can say that you get what you pay for. The speaker is one of the best one under its price segment.


Great sound quality.


Impressive battery life.


Small speaker.

No speakerphone support.

Check Current Price: Amazon.com

Those were the 10 best portable speakers. Now here comes the question, which one is the best one among all of them?

This can be a pretty tough question to answer. As every piece of Bluetooth speaker comes with different features and has a different price tag. Hence it can be a pretty hard task for any buyer to pick the right one.

However just to help you out, we are also mentioning a buyer’s guide. So you can easily pick the best Bluetooth speaker for yourself.

Bluetooth Speaker Buyers Guide:


Start by looking at the specifications of the Bluetooth speaker. However, specifications are not the single thing that you should look for a Bluetooth speaker. While looking at the specifications, you should look for the Bluetooth version mostly. According to our suggestion going with the Bluetooth version 4 or above would be a great thing. Or you can go for Bluetooth version 5 which is the latest one.


When it comes to portability, it completely depends on your needs. Like if you want an indoor speaker, then portability would not matter much. But if you plan to take the speaker out of your home then portability comes handy. You do not want to carry a heavy speaker along with you. So first of all decide your purpose and then choose a Bluetooth speaker. Although most of the speakers that we have mentioned above are portable.

Battery life:

Battery life is also one of the top features that you should keep in your mind. You obviously do not want to charge your device again and again. Hence the battery life matters. On an average a 10 hours of battery life is considered as pretty decent. Hence it is advisable to go for a battery life which has at least 10 hours of battery life. Although almost every Bluetooth speaker comes with 10 hours of battery life or more. However, there is no harm in double checking.

Additional features:

You may also need some additional features, for example voice assistant support, internet radio, support of Spotify, Chromecast or airplay. If you do feel a need of these features, then you should look for this while picking up a Bluetooth speaker.

Even if you plan to use a Bluetooth speaker while you are in the swimming pool. Then you may also need to get a speaker which is waterproof or splash proof.

In short you should look for specifications, battery life, and additional features according to your needs.

Anyway that was all for the Bluetooth speaker’s buyers guide. Now go ahead and check out the speakers and see which one is the best one for yourself. Also if you have any more questions in your head, then do comment below and we will surely help you out.


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