The 5 Best Smart Speakers with Alexa and Google

The 5 Best Smart Speakers with Alexa and Google

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Sonos one
JBL Link 20
Google Home Max
Amazon Echo Show
Google Home Mini
Amazon Echo Dot

Speakers combined with artificial intelligence technology are said to be smart speakers. These smart speakers are a lot better than the boring speakers lying on your desk.

It is not always an easy job to get the best smart speakers for yourself. Amazon Echo is the most preferred smart speaker but there are plenty of other choices available to go for.

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Today, we will be having a closer look at the “best smart speakers with Alexa and Google”. You can make your decision after reading the article. Let’s get started with the first smart speaker on our list.

Best Smart Speakers ( BEST OVERALL )

Sonos one

Sonos one is a perfect smart speaker that you can get for yourself. The sound quality of Sonos one is really good.

The sound quality of the speaker is so good that it competes with the apple’s home pod which is priced at almost double the price of Sonos one.

The best thing about the Sonos one is that it can be paired with many speakers and you can enjoy a home theatre experience.

It is because of the support of Amazon Alexa which lets you pair the Sonos one with a lot of smart home devices.

It allows you to control smart light and other smart home devices directly through voice command.

Sonos one smart speaker

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Sonos one has a black design with a glossy design and speaker grill. The design looks absolutely minimal. There is the branding of Sonos at the top-front of the speaker which makes it look more gorgeous.

It is clearly one of the best-looking smart speakers on our list.

It has got a decent bass which is neither too loud nor too low. The amount of bass is average.

You can get better speakers if you are looking for high bass.

If you want to know more about Sonos one smart speaker then you can check the customer reviews on Amazon.


JBL Link 20

This is the most portable smart speaker on our list. The white colour variant of JBL Link 20 looks stunning.

It is cylindrical shape speaker which has speaker grill which surrounds the whole speaker.

There is the small branding of JBL on the front. There is also a wifi icon at the bottom which lights up and makes the JBL Link 20 look futuristic.

There are some led’s at the top-front of the speaker which indicates the battery of JBL Link 20.

One more thing which makes JBL Link 20 smart speaker look cool is the fact that it is waterproof.

You can take this smart speaker to any pool party as it floats on water.

Google Home Max smart speaker review

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Jbl is a well known brand in terms of a clear and crisp sound quality and deep bass but JBL Link 20 is an exception.

The sound quality of JBL Link 20 is below than average in terms of sound quality so if you want the sound quality to be good then previous smart speaker- Sonos one will be a way better choice than the JBL Link 20.

The portable design of JBL Link 20 does not affect the battery life. It has got a massive battery which can last up to 10 hours.

The battery life is insane considering the size of the smart speaker.

One more interesting thing about the JBL Link 20 is that it comes with Google assistant which is better than Alexa by Amazon.

It is compatible with all the Google apps so the experience will be much better. You can stream favourite music/video/movie directly through the Google assistant that comes with the JBL Link 20.

The setup is also easier on the JBL Link 20. For further assistance, you can check out the Amazon Customer Reviews of JBL Link 20. Let’s now move onto the next smart speaker on our list.


Google Home Max

Google home max is a great smart speaker that you can pick for a big room. The sound of Google Home Max is very loud and the bass is also present there in good quantity. This is because of the 4.5-Inch woofer.

There is also a touch pad volume control on the top of Google Home Max which gives it a futuristic look.

The touch is responsive and quite accurate.

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 Due to the AI capabilities, Google Home Max amplifies the loudness and bass of the music according to the size of your room/office.

The sound is so loud that you can rock the party with two of these Google Home Max smart speakers.

The audio quality of Google home max is not clear if compared to Sonos one but it is decent and gets the audio job done.

It is obvious that Google home max comes with the pure Google Assistant.

You can easily setup it by downloading the Google home application on your Smartphone.

It is compatible with all the Google apps so it will be easier for you to stream music/video through voice commands.

There are many customer reviews out there of Google Home Max on Amazon. You can checkout those reviewed to know more about this smart speaker. Let us now move on to the next speaker on our kisy.


Amazon Echo Show

This is a perfect futuristic smart speaker. A display makes the Amazon Echo Show more than just a smart speaker.

It is not a touch screen display. All the actions are taken by using the Alexa voice assistant.

A display in a smart speaker which will allow you to stream videos/ movie or even do video calling. Isn’t it sounds cool?

The display is not the only good thing about the Amazon Echo Show. There are many other things too which makes a really good smart speaker.

The design of the Amazon Echo Show is very unique. It is different from the other smart speakers in this list.

It looks like a calculator. It is available in two colours; black and white. There is huge display on the front of speakers.

Surprisingly, there is also a camera at the top of the speaker which is used while doing video calls.

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The display is pretty decent. The colours are accurate but the viewing angles aren’t very good. You can’t complain much about the viewing considering that Amazon echo show is priced under $250.

The huge display will definitely enhance your video calling experience. You can view the music that you are playing and even pause/play/change it.

Below the display, there is the speaker grill. The placement of the display and speaker is done very well.

The audio is produced at the front. The person looking at the display will definitely enjoy the loud sound coming through below the display.

The sound quality of Amazon Echo Show is better than the sound quality of other echo speakers available by Amazon but it is still not as good as the sound quality of Sonos one. The bass is also below than average.

You can definitely get a better smart speaker, in case you are not a big fan of speakers with the display.

A lot of customers are complaining about the mic quality of the speaker in the Amazon reviews section. You can also have a look at the customer reviews of this product on Amazon to know more about it.


Google Home Mini

This is the cheapest yet interesting smart speaker that you can get for yourself. The Google home mini is priced under $50 which an insane thing as there is no smart speaker under this price that comes with Google Assistant.

The Google home mini is also the most compact and lightweight smart speaker available out there.

It is entirely covered by a soft fabric material and it comes in two different colours; black and grey.

There are also few led lights at the top of the Google home mini.

Now, let’s talk about the sound aspect of the Google home mini. Considering the price of Google Home Mini, the sound quality is very loud. It is far better than the Amazon Alexa dot in terms of loudness or even bass.

Google Home Mini review - smart speaker price - specs details

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The fact that Google home mini comes with Google assistant increase the value for money.

Google assistant will definitely make your job easier. You won’t find so good assistant under $50.

You can ask the assistant some random questions or ask him to entertain you. The google assistant will never get tired assisting you.

You can also stream your favourable music/video whenever needed because the google assistant is compatible with all the Google apps so it will be easier for you to launch an application or control some of its features using voice commands.

Google home mini can definitely be your next assistant.

We have found most of the reviews to be positive about Google Home Mini on Amazon.

You can also have a look at the reviews of Google Home Mini on Amazon to know more about it.

Honourable Mention

There were the 5 best smart speakers with Alexa or Google assistant that you can pick for yourself but there is a bonus honourable mention that you can also consider. Let’s have a quick look on it.

Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon echo dot is priced under $60 and it gives a tough competition to the Google Home Mini.

The echo dot is also compact and small smart speaker just like Google Home Mini. It is built by the plastic of average quality. There are 4 fragile buttons at the top of the speaker.

There is also a led ring which surrounds the perimeter of the speaker and it looks pretty cool.

The audio quality of Amazon echo dot is not that good if compared to the sound quality of Google Home Mini.

You will get better bass and way better loudness in Google Home Mini.

Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker specs

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The Amazon echo dot comes with Alexa which lets you control music, make calls, get news, weather and more.

Alexa is not as good as the Google assistant as the Google assistant is more organised but Alexa is a new technology and it will definitely get better over time.

We feel like the Google Home Mini is better than the Amazon Alexa but you can get the Amazon Alexa from Amazon if you are more comfortable with Alexa voice assistant.

Final verdict

You can choose any of the mentioned smart speakers on this list depending upon your requirement.

Let us now discuss that which smart speaker should you prefer for every requirement.

If you are running on good budget and you want a decent sound quality and best voice assistant support then you should definitely go for the Google Home Max which offers many good features and Google Home Max is also the loudest smart speaker on this list.

If you are budget is average and you want a smart speaker with great sound quality and average voice assistant then Sonos one will be the best choice as it offers the best sound quality. It produces a crisp and clear audio quality.

If you want a portable smart speaker than JBL Link 20 will be a good option for you. It has a decent audio quality but a built-in 10 hours long battery and waterproof portable design make it a very good choice and if you are running on a low budget then you can go for either Google Home Mini or the Amazon Echo Dot.

If video calling is your first priority then Amazon Echo Show  with a built-in camera and display will definitely come in handy. Although the audio quality is not that good, it is quite acceptable.

Now, you do have the right knowledge of smart speakers and you can definitely make the purchase of your favorable smart speaker.

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