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ENACFIRE E18 Bluetooth Earbuds Review

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“Can you suggest me some good earphones? I mean those which are good yet cheap.”

This is something people often ask. And when they mention the “good as well as cheap headsets,” my mind immediately diverts to the $50 category.

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Because $50 is a decent amount to buy quality earphones. However, it’s pretty confusing to choose a right ‘value for money’ headset (given the number of choices in the pool). Additionally, one needs to be sure about its “future relevancy.” Because the future I see, as a tech-enthusiast, is entirely wireless(yes, with no headphone jack). Hence, one needs to consider the ‘no headphone jack’ factor while buying an earphone.

Given the conditions, the choice is obvious. The wireless earbuds.

Now, combining the needs, i.e., wireless earbuds and $50, there’s not much to explore. It’s a considerably narrow pool of choices. And today, I am going to write a review on one of the favorites(the “Enacfire E18 Bluetooth earbuds”).

ENACFIRE E18 Bluetooth Earbuds:

Before giving an in-depth review of “Enacfire E18 earbuds,” let me throw-in a fact here: When these earbuds were launched, the price for the pair was only $$. However, due to the enormous success of the product, it was later priced at $$.

Despite the rise in the price, the product’s sales are still on fire due to its quality. It still holds the “Amazon’s choice” award for “wireless earbuds” category.

Now, you might have guessed the quality and performance of the product. You probably might have your heart set on it. However, if you are still not convinced and are looking for a $50 ‘wireless earbuds,’ read the full review and then decide.

What’s inside the box?

Straight out of the box, you will receive following things:

  • Earbuds.
  • 500 mAh charging case.
  • A case charging cable(USB to micro USB)
  • Three eartips for best fit(S, M, L).
  • And a manual.

That’s it. Anyway, what matters is the quality & feel of the pair. So let’s move right into it.


Enacfire E18 Bluetooth earbuds designBuy on Amazon

The ‘Enacfire E18 Bluetooth earbuds’ have a perfectly ergonomic design. The built quality is pretty sturdy and the in-ear experience is decently comfortable. Moreover, it fits perfectly in the ear.

In short, the design team made it for its looks, comfort, and longevity.

Features and Performance:

Now comes the central part. The features and performance part. So, let’s get started.

  • Pairing: With one-step pairing technology, the Enacfire E18 is a treat to use. It connects immediately just by a click of the button. (Of course, the Bluetooth needs to be ‘ON’)
  • Wireless: They are truly wireless unlike some of the so-called wireless earphones(having a wire in between the L-bud and R-bud) such as ‘Google pixel buds’
  • Range: This is a big plus point for Enacfire E18. The range is incredible. Though it says 33ft on the box, from our experience, it can easily stay connected for around 40-45ft.
  • Battery: Similar to Apple’s Airpods, these buds also charge inside the box. The box, if fully charged(500 mAh), has around 14-15 hrs. of juice in it. However, if we look at the using time(i.e., outside the box), the E18 lasts about 3-3.5 hrs(before it needs to be placed inside the box to charge), which is considered decent. To keep the total battery life in context, it can play around ten movies or 300 songs with that 500mAh juice.
  • Performance: The Bluetooth 5.0 enabled E18 makes sure to give a flawless performance concerning connectivity.
    • With music output from HD stereo, it offers an incredible experience filled with richness in the quality of the sound. The highs, mids, and lows are decently satisfying. However, the bass is decent enough but not as good as the $159 Airpods. But given the price point, it’s a complete value-for-money package.
    • In the context of call quality, it is decent. Not the best but definitely not the worst.


  • One-step connection
  • Long range
  • Rich sound quality
  • Portable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Charge on the go
  • Fast charging(up to 80% in 30 mins)


  • Average battery life
  • No noise isolation
  • Decent bass(P.S. This can’t be considered a disadvantage, but for extreme bass lovers it can be)

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Overall, for me, it’s a perfect 5/5 given the price point. A complete value for money product with future-proof wireless technology.

Wrapping up, I would like to say, “If you are looking for excellent earbuds in the mid-range, this is one of the best options.”

If you are still not convinced and want some other product to be reviewed on this site, add a comment below.

Until then, thank you for reading. Good bye.


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