Wireless Earbuds, ENACFIRE E19 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Wireless Earbuds, ENACFIRE E19 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Tangled earphone wires are frustrating. Those annoying cables always find their way to snug in the shirt. Right from the time, Apple introduced the EarPods, there are numerous wireless earphones popped up in the market. Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are the trend now.

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ENACFIRE E18 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

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Most of them are expensive but fail to deliver the good sound. Though the Bluetooth connectivity had made it possible without wires, the music transmission was never good enough. Few players like aptX and Enacfire are changing the whole game.

Enacfire E19 Specs

Headphone typeClosed-back/ In-Ear
Driver typeDynamic
Headphone ConnectorTrue wireless
Headphone weight1.76 ounces
Frequency response20Hz u2013 20000Hz
Battery Life3.5-4 hours for the earbuds and 88 hours charging case
Bluetooth version5.0
Wireless RangeUp to 33ft
Working Time15H

ENACFIRE E19 True Bluetooth Earbuds Review

EnacFire could able to produce true wireless Bluetooth earbuds in the form of E18 last year. E19 is an improvised version of Enacfire E18. It’s a truly wireless earbud which means there will be no cord between the two earbuds.

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If you are up for a cord-free lifestyle, these Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are the best thing you can buy. Most of the music lovers who bought Enacfire E19 reported very positive reviews on the internet. Enacfire claims that E19 charge lasts for 3 hours and the Bluetooth connection remains stable within the 30 feet distance.

It also promises one-step pairing and dozens of good stuff. In this article, we review the new Enacfire E19 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. We’ll dive deep into its features, pros, and cons. Let’s jump right in.

Video review of Enacfire E19

Features of ENACFIRE E19 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

HiFi Music Output

enacfire e19 true wireless

Audiophiles enjoy every part of the music. Enacfire E19 makes sure that you don’t miss even a single component of the track. HD Stereo audio music output is addicting and you may not want to quit listening to the music.

The audio level of the music output from E19 earphones is to the proposed health standards. The amazing bass output from the earbuds complies to the health standards and safe for your ears.

One Step Pairing

one step pairing - enafire e19 review

Bluetooth earbuds test our patience as they take time for connection. It’s incredibly easy to connect Enacfire E19 earbuds. They are not like those traditional earbuds which you have to connect by clicking the power on button. They connect automatically and instantaneously. In just a few seconds, you will be in your own music world.

Complete Wireless Musical Experience

enacfire e19 review & features

EnacFire E10 earbuds are a part of the new music revolution in a way. The wireless connection remains strong for an over thirty feet distance.

You need not worry about the wires tangling as you will never use a single wire while you are on E19 Earbuds. As long as you remain in the thirty feet distance range with your device, E19 earphones deliver the best musical experience.

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Charge on the Go

ENACFIRE Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

A single charge ensures you’re a 3 hours of music playtime with ENACFIRE E19 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds which is really amazing. You can just charge on the go and power lasts up to 12-15 hours.

It means that you don’t need to suffer from power shortage for a day. E19 are truly wireless earbuds which ensures that you don’t miss the music experience throughout the day.

Sales Service

After sales service is crucial for all the electronic products. There is an 18-month replacement warranty on Enacfire E19 earbuds.  Enacfire support is available for 24/7 and most of their customers are happy with the quick replies from customer support team. Moreover, there is a no reason and no question money-back guarantee.

Pros of ENACFIRE E19 Bluetooth Earbuds

  • It’s truly wireless. The earbuds are not connected by wires like the traditional Bluetooth headphones.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 assures a solid connection. Very minimal disruptions when you are within 33 feet.
  • Generally, earbuds come with 2 pairs of extra earbuds. You’ll get 5 sets of earbuds with Enacfire E19.
  • Enacfire E19 comes with a fast charging adapter which charges the battery up to 80% in just 30 minutes. The next 20% charging will take a prolonged time to extend the life of both the charger and the earbuds.
  • Earbuds are pretty stable and they stay in place even while you are jogging or walking.
  • They pair easily enough and connect without a flaw. But, to use just the left earbud, the right (since it’s the main one) needs to remain off. Otherwise, if you were to just pull out the left originally it will connect as normal.
  • They pair flawlessly almost connection is instantaneous.
  • Voice quality during the phone calls is excellent.

Cons of ENACFIRE E19 Earbuds

  • Environmental noise disturbs you during the phone calls. Noise dampening is not up to the mark in any of the wireless earbuds in the market yet.
  • There is no volume button. You have to reach your device if you want to change the volume.
  • It comes with a bulky case. It may not be comfortable to put it in a slim fit or skinny denim pocket.

ENACFIRE E19 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Wrapping up…

Enacfire E19 has got everything it that could satisfy the audiophiles and wireless enthusiasts. The Bluetooth connection is stable if you are within the distance. However, if your device does not have Bluetooth 5.0, you may not be able to maintain the perfect connection if you are away more than 20 feet. You can buy new earbud device that is Enacfire Future Wireless Earbud.

It has a great voice quality. The music quality is incredible for a wireless audio device. Earbuds stay in place while we jog or run which is great! Noise dampening must be improved. But it’s the same case with all the other Bluetooth headsets on the market.

If you are looking for a perfect True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds that really works, you must consider Enacfire E19 for sure. It’s probably the best Bluetooth Wireless earphones in the market right now and it’s definitely worth the price.

Though it misses the little things like volume button and noise dampening, it’s magical when it comes to music output and flawless pairing which are the most important things to look when we are buying the wireless earphones.

If you are tired of the earbuds which always fail to pair smoothly, go for Enacfire E19 and you’ll probably never seek for the Bluetooth earbuds for some time.

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