How Does Wireless Audio Technology Work?

How Does Wireless Audio Technology Work?

In today’s world, wireless technology is everywhere. No matter if we want to share files between two devices or trying to stream music from one device to another. Wireless technology plays an important role between all these.

We mostly get to hear about wireless technology in the audio field. Like there are wireless speakers, Bluetooth headset and what not. However, just in case if you have ever wondered how does wireless audio technology work, then in this article, you are going to find the answer to this question.

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time

Wireless audio technology work?

To understand how does wireless audio technology work, we need to go back in time. Well back in the past in 1994 a person named Larry Schotz was the first person who applied for a patent for a digital wireless speaker.

And then in 1998, we have seen Ericsson introduced Bluetooth to the world which was one of the first wireless connection that the world got to know about. The name Bluetooth came after a Danish King of the late 900s who loved eating blueberries. Also, he brought unity to warring factions in what are now Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. And that is how Bluetooth name arrived.

However, back in the days, it was kind of alien technology. But in today’s time, wireless technology no longer seems a future or strange thing. Instead, it is pretty much normal, and it is a part of our daily lives. Once in a day, we come across to a wireless connection. And while using a wireless connection, we do not even realize.

Also, there are quite a lot of types of wireless technologies are available out there. So the question is what are the different types of wireless?  Well here is a detailed look into those wireless technologies:


Next is the infrared. This type of wireless technology uses the light emitting diodes or LEDs to communicate with the data signals. Infrared or you can say IR operates using the light waves of a low frequency and it cannot be seen through human eyes.

For example, you can take our television remotes which uses IR. It uses invisible light to transfer data from the remote to the transmitter located inside the TV. Also, the good part of this technology is that it is extremely cheap. However, the worst part of it is that it can only be used in a short distance and cannot penetrate walls.

RF or ‘Radio Frequency’

Radio Frequency happens to be one of the most common wireless communication technology that we use. This type of wireless communication technology uses electromagnetic signals or radio waves to broadcast data. For example, you can take home radios or car radios.

The broadcast signal comes from the radio station where a transmitter is located. The job of the transmitter is to send radio waves and the receiver located inside our radio catches it. Thanks to the antenna connected to the radio it detects those signals and the amplifier inside the radio boosts the power of those signals. And it converts them into the electrical signal which we get to hear.

The main advantage of RF is that it works at a long distance and you can use it multiple times a day. However, the con of RF is that it gets interrupted by other antenna signals.


I am sure that you have heard about Bluetooth. Actually, everyone did and there is no doubt in it. You can find this technology in your Smartphone, computer, smart TV, camera and so on. Bluetooth has a short range transmitter which is about 10 meters. And it uses a low power radio frequency which is capable of connecting to up to eight devices at the same time.

Moreover, Bluetooth also supports two-way communication. This simply means that we can play music from our smartphone via our wireless headphones. And the control the volume or track through one of the devices.

The best part of Bluetooth is that it uses a low frequency which means there is no interference. The shorter the range is the better connection you get. However, the technology does not perform too well for a wide area.


In the end we have the Wi-Fi. And almost every one of us heard of it. Wi-fi stands for Wireless Fidelity, and it can be found on our laptops, speakers, smartphones, and computers which helps us to connect to the internet wirelessly.

However, wi-fi requires a router which is connected to our home broadband connection. The main job of the router is to receive data from the internet and translates it into radio waves. And then it transmits the radio waves to our devices. Then our devices like a smartphone pick up the radio wave like the way a radio receives waves. And we get to use the internet.

The good thing about the wi-fi connection is that several devices can be connected to it at the same time. And there will be a reliable connection. However, the con is that if there are many devices are connected then users will face a slow connection.


NFC is one of the newest wireless technology in this world. NFC stands for Near Field Communication. And it is a very short range radio transmission. This technology only operates at a distance of only a few centimeters.

You can find this technology on your latest Apple or Android devices. Even there are many pay apps are based on this NFC technology. NFC also supports two-way communication via an NFC chip inside the phone.

As a result, the chip receives the payment information just by touching the card machine with the phone which allows us to pay for our shopping in just seconds. And it is completely wireless. The good part of NFC is that it makes the payment process super easy. However, the NFC signals can be intercepted and so it is not 100% safe.