Jaybird X2 vs Jaybird X3 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Jaybird X2 vs Jaybird X3 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Smartphone is replacing several products in the market and that too in brisk pace, so it is quite evident we are moving towards a generation where smartphone will rule the whole world.

Thus an accessory which helps us to use smartphone more efficiently and helps to increase productivity is always welcomed and headphones are one such piece of accessory which is ever present.

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So, what are the things which one headphone or earphone must possess?

Look at this honest article on Jaybird X2 vs Jaybird X3 review.

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Jaybird X2 vs Jaybird X3 – (Who will be the winner?)

Mostly people will say sound quality but in this modern era portability is also very important, apart from portability battery life and connectivity plays a major role in determining a quality of an earphone.

Manufacturers should not only focus about the sound quality but also the subsequent other factors which contributes a good earphone.

By now you must have guessed by the title, this article is the comparison of Jaybird X2 and Jaybird X3, both manufactured by Jaybird which has recently gain a lot of trust and attention from the audio industry.

Without wasting anymore time let’s get started.

Design and build:

 From the onset one should know that since both the earphones are made by Jaybird the design language is similar although several changes have been made in X3 and as a result the X3 looks stunning and sleek.

The major difference is that from the X3 Jaybird started using metal in their products, well use of metal not only makes the earphone stronger and robust but also increases its lifespan as a result.

Another major change which has taken place which was a talking point of the X2 was it’s eartips , the included eartips didn’t fit that well .

X3 has taken care of all that and the eartips provided fit perfectly and is extremely comfortable to use.

Several pairs of eartips are provided so that you can choose the one which suits you the best.

Another thing we need to keep in mind when discussing about the build and design is that these earphones comes carrying cases which makes them very portable and easy to carry.

jaybird x2 vs jaybird x3 review

Both of them can be used during running, cycling and other similar activities as they comes with  sweat-proof warranty because of the nano coating which prevents moisture .

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In terms of design we can clearly state that X3 is the winner, with the inclusion of metal in the design and the much improved eartips it overtakes X2 easily.

Being said that X2 isn’t bad either it also performs well in this department.

Sound Quality:

jaybird x2 vs x3 sound quality

 Jaybird did a excellent job in both the earphones in terms of sound quality.

We all know that for a earphone proper eartips which fits perfectly helps to increase the sound quality considerably and both the X2 and X3 delivers in this department.

Both of them has appreciable amount of bass, crystal clear clarity and hardly any distortions.

Well noise reduction is one factor which can be both good and bad at the same time, while the X2 isolates noise very well the X3 doesn’t have any such feature.

The biggest difference between the two is the newly launched app by jaybird which is supported by the X3, the app provides several options to tweak and change the sound output, and it’s also customizable and allows you to set up different profiles for different kind of music.

All in all the sound output from both the earphones is top notch and makes the listening experience pleasurable.


X3 takes over X2 in this department solely due to the full fledged customizations and tweaks available in the Mysound app , other than that both the earphones performs excellently and we assure you that you won’t regret buying  anyone of these .


Jaybird X3 vs X2 connectivity

Both the X2 and X3 uses bluetooth as medium of connection ,when the X2 was released many people claimed that the decision of using bluetooth version 2.1 was not appropriate but jaybird felt that 2.1 was enough for providing best sound output .

Although in X3 they have addressed this issue and have used the more advanced and latest bluetooth version 4.1 , the latest version has several features such as connecting many devices to one earphone and vice versa , one of the biggest plus of using the newer bluetooth version is increases battery life considerably and makes your earphone last longer.


Clearly the use of 4.1 and the features it provides makes Jaybird X3 better than Jaybird X2,

not only better connectivity but it also makes Jaybird X3 more efficient so that long music sessions is as easy as it gets.

Battery life:

jaybird x2 vs jaybird x3 battery life

Both the Jaybird X2 and the Jaybird X3 advertises 8 hours of battery life , but the question is in practical or day-to-day activity which one actually

Performs better.

Well as we already mentioned in the previous sections bluetooth version 4.1 is extremely battery efficient when compared to the power hungry 2.1,

So in terms of battery life the Jaybird X3 aces over the X2.

Both of them have decent battery life but sometimes the Jaybird X3 performs better.

On the topic of battery life, we shift to a similar topic which is charging and one of the major drawbacks of X3 when compared to X2 that is the way of charging, While Jaybird X2 uses micro-USB as a way of charging the Jaybird X3 uses some special kind of proprietary connector, which is a disadvantage.

Anything proprietary makes it a hassle when travelling because unlike the universal micro-USB which is readily available everywhere.


For the first time in this comparison the X2 takes the driving seat and beats the Jaybird X3 quite comprehensively mainly because it is quite difficult to travel with an extra port and makes it inconvenient.

But if you think carrying an extra connector doesn’t affect you much then Jaybird X3 is a valid option to consider in terms of battery life even better than the Jaybird X2.



They both have inline control which is extremely useful and allows you to change the volume, jump to next call and take or end calls right from the earphones itself.

They basically have 3 buttons the top most one can increase the volume, the bottom one is used to decrease the volume and the middle one could play songs or take calls.

In this department both of them perfectly does the job and are same.

There is no point of declaring a winner here.

Video Introduction of JayBird X2 

Cost Comparison:

After all those important factors lastly we are going to discuss about cost,

which can determine whether a product is worth it or not .

Generally products launched later are priced higher but interestingly Jaybird decided to lower the price of X3 , X3 is cheaper than the Jaybird X2 !

Yes , it is shockingly true.

Clearly we can state that the winner again is Jaybird X3 after losing its throne

In the battery department Jaybird X3 comes back stronger in terms of cost.

Video Introduction of JayBird X3 


After taking into consideration all those factors, it is evident that the Jaybird X3 is the better option out of the two.

Be it Build and design , connectivity , sound output and ultimately the cost Jaybird X3 lives up to its expectation , the only department in which it loses to X2 is the battery department and that too due to proprietary charging connector .

So if you don’t have any problems using that connector we would strongly recommend to go for X3 as it is the better of the two.

But if you have the funds and you want the micro-USB charging port at any cost then going for Jaybird X2 will make you pleased.

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